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Vacation/Work Quandary Part 2: Are We Our Own Worst Enemy?

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Because of the response I received to the posting about my personal struggle not work during July vacation, I decided to analyze recent research findings and commentary related to the vacation+work quandary to see if I could find common themes and solutions. And, as I suspected, in many ways, we are indeed our own worst enemy when it comes to vacation, or the lack thereof. What can we do about it? Plenty…we need to:

• Realize there are two separate issues—people who don’t take vacation and people who work while on vacation
• Change your definition of success that keeps you from taking vacation
• Challenge fears about taking vacation—are they real?
• Consciously determine how much work you will do before starting vacation
• Manage technology, don’t let it manage you
• Realize your company and the government can only do so much

Upgraded Work+Life Fit Blog Goes Live! Some Things I’ve Learned About Blogging…

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After a brief hiatus, the Work+Life Fit Blog is back on line! While it may look basically the same on the outside, the entire functionality of the blog has been overhauled and upgraded. What does this mean? I will share a few things I’ve learned since starting my blog in February, 2006:

There’s a “blog” and then there’s a “BLOG”: What is the difference? When I started, I thought it was enough to have a “blog,” a page in which I could share my thoughts on a variety of work+life issues with a group of interested individuals who received my weekly emails about a new posting. Then, I realized that there was a whole universe of other bloggers with whom I could communicate and share these thoughts—commonly referred to as the “blogosphere.” How exciting!

Please Excuse Our Dust…..

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While it may look the same on the outside, a lot of change is happening behind the scenes of our site. We are currently upgrading the functionality of the site’s technology especially as it relates to the Blogging software I will be using going forward.

What does this mean? It means that in addition to my weekly “commentary” blog (starting up again at the beginning of September), I will be blogging more frequently, albeit more briefly, in between as issues strike my fancy. Also, and perhaps more importantly, it will be easier for YOU to communicate with me. We can get a real conversation going!

I am very excited about my upgraded Work+Life Fit Blog! Thanks for your patience as we get it up and running.