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Breaking Down Stereotype #1–Work/Life Balance is the Goal

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Be sure to scroll down and check out the final Holiday Work+Life “Fit” Tip–Start Planning for Next Year Now!

“Work/Life balance” is the concept we’ll tackle first. It’s the phrase most often used to describe the work+life outcome we are all striving for. In fact, one of my terrific readers who is a professional coach wrote:

“I agree that new terminology can be used among professionals who are constantly on top of new developments in work/life——but I have found that the general public understands the term” work/life balance.” I have balance as part of my counseling practice name and it works well. People get it! I won’t be discarding the term.”

While I agree the general public uses the term, over a decade of experience developing work-life flexibility strategies for organizations and individuals has convinced me that this stereotype isn’t accurately describing what they are experiencing day-to-day in their work and life.

Here’s proof…

Breaking Down Work+Life Stereotypes Series: In-Depth Look at the Work+Life Fit Reality Check

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Take the Work+Life Fit Reality Check Quiz and test your own personal work+life fit reality, then scroll down for Holiday Work+Life Fit Tip #3: Checking In and Readjusting.

If you read last week’s blog, you know that we officially released the results from our first annual Work+Life Fit™ Reality Check Survey. Very exciting!

The survey identified why individuals are stuck when it comes to managing the boundaries between their work and personal lives. We can transform corporate cultures and government policies all we want, but until we overhaul the stereotypes that guide our collective thinking and problem-solving around this subject nothing will really change.

New Research Announced Today by Work+Life Fit, Inc.!

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New Year’s Resolutions are Bound to Fail as Research Finds
Rigid Thinking about Workplace Flexibility

Those New Year’s resolutions about work-life balance are bound to fail, according to new research, as stereotypes continue to block the progress of employees trying to achieve more work-life balance. The first Annual Work+Life Fit Reality Check, conducted by Opinion Research Corporation for Work+Life Fit, Inc., found while corporate workplace flexibility efforts and media coverage continue to focus on women and moms, more than 90 percent of a national probability sample of 981 full-time employed adults surveyed by telephone believe work-life balance is “An issue for everyone.” Yet, only 15 percent say they actually have work-life balance. Holding back the other 85 percent are stereotypes about money, work ethic and supervisors. The survey was conducted September 7 – 11 and has a margin of error of +- 3 percent.