Yes, Flexibility Increases Productivity (and, More)…Favorite Flex Research/Resources Links

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This past weekend during the BlogHer panel, “Screw Work/Life Balance, We Need Work/Life Policy,” an attendee raised her hand and said, “I know from personal experience that when I work from home I am more productive.  I wonder if anyone has done research on whether this is true more broadly?”

I’ve been immersed in work+life flexibility for so many years that it’s easy to forget that most people don’t know about the stacks and stacks of research that proves that flexibility not only increases productivity but benefits businesses and individuals in many other ways.

In an effort to answer the question, I’m sharing a few of my favorite pieces of flexibility research.  I’ve also included a list of resources that have been studying and advocating for greater flexibility for more than a decade.  Many are on social media.

Great Flex Research Links (no particular order):

Great Resources…that I know personally and who seriously understand the underlying research-based business case for supporting work+life fit and flexibility (no particular order):

Do you have a favorite piece of flexibility research you’d like to share?  Add it to the list in the comments section.  And spread the word!  Flexibility in how, when and where work is done and life is managed benefits everyone…individuals and business.

  • This is a terrific resource list! Thank you for that, I will definitely be bookmarking this post and referencing it for future Wide Teams articles.

  • Mary Kaye

    Thanks for the resources Cali,
    I’ve just started a coaching business – Comeback Moms that guides women to realize their work+life possibilities. In my sessions I often day, “Don’t Balance, Integrate!” I like how you simply use the term “fit”. There are so many ways a woman can fit or integrate her work and her life, but old paradigms get in the way of thinking.