Don’t Let Lost Keys Throw Off Your Day–TWEAK IT “Get Organized” Expert: Lorie Marrero of The Clutter Diet

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Over the two decades I’ve helped individuals flexibly manage their work+life fit, I’ve heard more stories of people losing precious time, money and energy because they were disorganized:

  • Lost keys or wallet makes them late for an important meeting.
  • A misplaced school form causes their child to miss an important school deadline.
  • You wake up in the morning only to realize you have no clean socks.

All of these moments, that may seem insignificant, add up over time and add unnecessary stress, on and off the job.

The good news is you CAN take simple, small steps to get more organized as part of your busy everyday work+life fit.

To help you, I interviewed my go-to, get-organized expert resource, Lorie Marrero, founder of The Clutter Diet for TWEAK IT (check out her “bonus tweak” advice on the TWEAK IT Together site).

In this short, but sweet,  TWEAK IT Expert Interview, you will see why I became friends with Lorie (she’s great!) and how accessible and realistic her advice is!  Enjoy.


  • This is great information. I love the idea of taking small, simple steps toward a more aligned work+life fit (that ultimately contribute to bigger changes). Before integrating the work+life fit concept, many entrepreneurs feel as if both their personal life and free time are filled with unnecessary stress. I used to be one of them. Prior to starting Mom Corps, I was a working mother striving to be a successful profession in a way that was expected of me by others all the while holding myself to the same standards as a mom. When the present situation wasn’t enabling me to obtain my desired work-life alignment, I knew it was time for a change. You are right—we must learn to adjust our schedules, embrace new work and life management skills, and find the right mix that works for us as individuals. -Allison O’Kelly, founder/CEO Mom Corps