Regularly Answer the Question “What Do I Want?” (Quick Tip #3)

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Welcome to Day #3 of the TWEAK IT “Quick Tips” video series!

For six days, I will share short, get-started nuggets of wisdom to help you fit work and life together every day in a way that let’s you be your best, on and off the job.

My friends at Citrix produced the videos to preview the FREE webinar, “TWEAK IT: Harness the Power of Small Changes for Work-Life Harmony”, I am facilitating Tuesday, June 18th at 1:00 pm est.

Please join us for the webinar (more than 1,000 people have registered so far) and enjoy the tips!

TWEAK IT Tip #3: Regularly Answer the Question “What Do I Want?”

Today, I explain why:

  • You can’t operate on autopilot when it comes to what you want at work and in your life
  • You need clarity about what you want to accomplish, on and off the job
  • A simple question can help you figure it out.

Tomorrow’s Tip: Recognize, Value and Harness the Power of Small Every Day Actions

  • AllisonOKelly

    I love this tip, Cali. Excellent insight as always. When professionals hear the term “work/life balance,” it’s safe to say that their first reaction is, “impossible.” Balance implies equal efforts in all aspects of life, and this rarely (if ever) happens. Therefore, it’s perfectly normal to not have a sense of work/life balance because, like your tip suggests, we can’t expect perfection. It’s important to celebrate the work/life successes we achieve along the way and continuously evolve to find the right mix for each stage of life. – Allison O’Kelly, founder/CEO Mom Corps

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