Yes, Small Biz Owners CAN Work and Have a Life Too! Tips and Challenges

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If I am completely honest, one of the primary motivations for writing TWEAK IT, was to learn how to make what mattered to me happen every day, on and off the job.

I am an entrepreneur/small business owner.  While there are many wonderful benefits to my chosen professional path, there are a few downsides.

For me, and for many small business owners I meet, one of the biggest challenges IS managing our work+life fit. 

Perhaps we have a greater degree of flexibility and control, but we often have more limited resources–time, people and money.  Therefore, it is very easy to fall into the traps like:

“I’ll just send one more email, and then have dinner with my family.” But then dinner’s over, or

“I can go to the gym tomorrow because I need to finish this proposal.”  Then you realize you haven’t moved your body in three weeks.

After researching and writing TWEAK IT and then following the simple weekly work+life fit practice myself for that last few years, I believe small business owners can work AND have a life.

We just have to be a bit more intentional about it. 

So I was thrilled when VISA Small Business approached me to be the featured expert on their Facebook page last month!

I offered entrepreneurs/small business owners seven of my best work+life fit tips and challenges.

VISA transformed them into such beautiful graphics, I had to share.

What other tips and challenges would you offer?













Challenge #1:












Challenge #2:












Challenge #3:












Tip #1:












Tip #2:












Tip #3:












Tip #4:


  • I think there is a massive opportunity for Small Business Owners here – because we have the possibility of changing the role of business. Yes , it is about making money and a living. But it can and should also be about changing the role of business so that it serves and protects what is most important to us.

    For me, it is all about designing the life we really want based on our core values and our own defintion of success. Then looknig for ways to create change in our businesses to serve the life we have designed. This is what I help with Small BusinessOwners do. I am often asked is it possible? Answer – Yes. Is it easy. No. It is all about self management, boundaries and taking up the challenge to re-define the role your business plays in your life.