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Barbara Taylor
Former General Counsel

Literally every phase of the Flex+Strategy Group’s engagement was a revelation.  From the data assessment process to the leadership readiness process to the partner readiness process, it all rolled up into a very powerful strategy for both individuals and our organization as a whole.

Cali Yost is an absolute pleasure to work with, and very skilled at working with and managing the expectations of people at the highest levels of an organization. She is extremely intelligent and gets along with pretty much anyone, even at the highest levels of management. When people can be demanding and challenging, that’s where Cali’s strength lies. We have the same high regard for the entire Flex+Strategy Group team. 


Timothy Giacchetta
President & CEO
Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth

Cali Williams Yost was the perfect keynote speaker to launch our Spring Leadership Conference. As resources continue to tighten, our leaders must focus on those things that provide the highest impact for our clients and customers, as well as our staff. The core concepts of “Tweak It” will help our leaders to be pro-active in choosing small actions which will create that high impact.

It was more than the content, however, that made Cali’s presentation a hit with our leaders. She is an engaging storyteller, connecting with her audience through examples that apply directly to their work and personal lives. Her perfect blend of research-based concepts and real-world scenarios provided a solid foundation on which to build the skills that will help our leaders to be successful in meeting the challenges ahead.

We are extremely grateful that Cali shared her passion and knowledge on work+life fit with our leadership. Every organization has critical moments in its history which serve as evolutionary leaps that move it forward. Cali’s keynote presentation will be remembered as one of those moments in Berkshire’s future.


Shelley Shepherd
Senior Manager
Pepsico, Quaker Foods & Snacks

Every person in attendance at Cali’s presentation was incredibly engaged. It was clearly highly relevant and motivating to everyone who attended. It was very, very well received…Cali suggested very specific actions to address work-life fit, which I thought was the most motivating part of her presentation. She had real, everyday examples — the small things you can do to build fit into your life. It was immediately actionable and relevant. 

Lt. Stephanie Miller
Director, Chief of Naval Personnel
U.S. Navy

Cali Yost is infectious in her passion for work-life fit. She got the crowd involved right from the start, and reinforced her credibility by handing challenges from the audience in an honest, responsive way. By the end of her presentation, you could tell she had succeeded in helping participants shift their thinking.

Carol Hoffman
Associate Provost and Director of Work/Life

Columbia University

We were thrilled to have Cali Yost present at Columbia University and share her time and expertise with our university community.  She was a very engaging speaker and her presentation was well conceptualized, organized, and responsive to our needs.
Cali took the audience step by step through all of the questions/concerns/considerations required when implementing flexible work arrangements in a workplace.  She then highlighted the many benefits of flexible work, allowing attendees to gain a better understanding of work + life fit concepts.  Cali responded well to audience questions and was generous with her time in remaining after her presentation to speak with people individually.
We are very grateful that Cali Yost took the time to share her work on work + life flexibility with the faculty, staff and students of Columbia University.”

Lynette Chappell-Williams
Director, Workforce Diversity, Equity and Life Quality
Cornell University

I was fascinated with how well she understood our environment — not just employees, but students who don’t view their educational pursuits as ‘work.’ Thanks to Cali’s terminology and examples, everyone saw themselves as being part of this overall effort. After most workshops you have to go back and figure out how to apply what you just learned. After Cali’s presentation, people walked out knowing exactly what they needed to do.

Aparna Mehrotra
Focal Point for Women
The United Nations

The feedback on Cali’s panel was possibly the best I have ever received…The United Nations as an organization still needs proof that work-life fit works and, in fact, that organizations will not achieve their potential or be able to compete in the workplace without it. Cali brought to our panel credible examples from a range of industries what is being done in this area. Her input should go a long way in offsetting the concerns of skeptics.

Jessica Ihrke
VP, Education/Workforce Development
Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce

I can’t say enough about how Cali engaged our group in thoughtful discussion and moved us to another level in viewing work-life flexibility as a core business strategy. People who didn’t expect actionable strategies walked out with tools they could absolutely use right away. For companies that were ready to take work-life fit to the next level, Cali showed them how to build a culture of flexibility that extends from the front lines all the way to the CEO. Cali’s presentation showed that work-life fit is really about thinking creatively — building cross-sector teams and basically creating a ‘think tank’ to find ways to integrate work-life fit as a core business strategy.

Malcolm L. Smith, Ph.D. CFLE
Family Life and Family Policy Specialist
University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

Cali Yost delivered a keynote address at our first annual New Hampshire Summit on Work and Family. Cali’s keynote was dynamic and engaging. We gave her an impossible task — presenting during the very last session after lunch in an over-packed conference — and she rose to the occasion…Cali left our audience feeling that what might seem a monumental shift in thinking was really a practical, believable, and workable strategy. Cali gave very specific guidance to attendees about how to initiate work-life fit changes in their own organizations — exactly what people were looking for…One of the most consistent comments on our evaluations was, ‘We wish we had more time with Cali.’ We could have based the whole day around her presentation.

Jennifer Swanberg, Ph.D
Executive, Institute for Workplace Innovation
University of Kentucky

In a business community with traditional values, it’s often tough to get people to rethink their ways of operating. During Cali’s presentation, you could see that participants were highly engaged, and excited to take what they learned and apply it to their organizations. She presented applicable tools and resources on how to apply flexibility to their workplaces.

Christine Pfeiffer
WorkLife Integration People Team

“How do you get managers to understand, embrace and use flexibility as a strategy to run their business? This is one of the toughest challenges faced by those of us responsible for making flexibility part of the culture and the day-to-day operating model of our organizations.  

The Flex+Strategy Group’s three-part webinar series for managers is a terrific resource for addressing that challenge. With its concrete, real-world content, the series establishes an openness to flexibility, increases understanding of how flexibility can help managers address common everyday challenges and finally, outlines the “how to” of successful implementation.  

I highly recommend the series to anyone who wants to get more manager buy-in and support for strategic flexibility.”