Day-to-Day Work Flexibility

How do you:

  • Prepare for a meeting and leave work a few minutes early to go to the gym?
  • Catch up on emails and meet a friend for coffee?
  • Ask for overtime and take your mother to the doctor?
  • Finish some paperwork and read at your son's school? 

You capture day-to-day work flexibility and use small shifts in how, when or where you work to make what matters to you happen every day, on and off the job.  

Traditionally, the term “flexible work” meant formal flexible work arrangements. These policies let you officially telework, shift your hours, compress your workweek, or reduce your schedule formally for a period of time.

But most of time, most of us don’t need a formal flexible work arrangement.  We want the ability to start work a little later, or leave a litte earlier to get to the gym, or work from home in the morning to meet the plumber.   

The good news is that, according to our national 2011 Work+Life Fit Reality Check survey, 62% of full-time employees said they use some form of day-to-day, ad hoc work flexibility.  

The challenge now is to learn how to harness the power of flexible hours and telework day-to-day, and use it to manage our work+life fit in a way that works for us, our colleagues and the business.


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