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Tweak It: Make What Matters to You Happen Every Day
(Center Street/Hachette)
by Cali Williams Yost

Do these everyday work-life tradeoffs sound familiar?

  • Prepare for a meeting, or leave work a few minutes early to go to the gym?
  • Catch up on emails, or meet a friend for coffee?
  • Ask for overtime or take my mother to the doctor?
  • Finish some paperwork, or read at my son’s school?

We all wrestle with questions like these constantly.  How do you do your job and take care of yourself, nurture your relationships, keep up your job skills, care for your loved ones and maintain your personal finances and home?

In TWEAK IT, I reveal the secrets of the work+life fit “naturals.”  These are the people I’ve met over the years who seem to fit all of the pieces of their personal and professional lives together with ease.

As I studied the naturals, I discovered they regularly follow four simple practical steps when managing their actions and priorities on and off the job; however, survey results confirmed most of us don’t.  We either don’t know how important these commonsense steps are or we ignore them.  That used to include me!

TWEAK IT shows all of us how to unleash the power of small changes that have a big impact!



Work+Life: Finding the Fit That’s Right for You
(Riverhead/Penguin Group)
by Cali Williams Yost

  • Finding your unique work+life “fit,” not balance
  • Comprehensive, easy-to-follow, step-by-step process
  • Create, negotiate and implement a flex plan that works for you and your job
  • Step 1: Develop the work+life fit mindset
  • Step 2: Challenge common roadblocks — definitions of success, fears, in-the-box thinking, and resistance
  • Step 3: Create a compelling work+life fit vision, and make it a reality!

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In Praise of ...

"How-to-books offer a teaspoon of sound advice in a gallon of froth. But “Work+Life: Finding the Fit That’s Right for You,” is a step-by-step book that marries can-do spirit with sound advice. Author Cali Williams Yost is a work-life insider, a former banker who cut her teeth at the respected nonprofit, Families and Work Institute. She tackles subjects that many promise-the-moon books on balance ignore: how we fear change, and cling to narrow definitions of success, and how our work-life needs shift over time.”
–Maggie Jackson, Balancing Acts Column, Boston Globe

"Work+Life gets points for comprehensiveness… The approaches Yost suggests - making a formal proposal, studying negotiating techniques and reviewing your situation regularly - are clearly likelier to succeed than grumbling and wishing things were different. And she cites cases that suggest win-win solutions can be found even in places where they seem improbable… A working mother with an MBA from Columbia University who has been a mid-level bank executive and… a work/life strategy consultant… [Yost is] in the unique position of having looked at these issues from three sides: boss, worker, and intermediary.”
–The Washington Post

"Work is no longer necessarily a nine-to-five proposition… In this volume, the author argues that, in order to maintain a life outside work, one must think creatively and establish personal boundaries - what she calls the work+life fit. In this information-packed volume, she explains how to do it. Illustrating each point with stories of real people who found a good work and life fit, Yost takes readers through the process of seeing the possibilities for creating a non-standard work schedule, asking for what they want, getting to yes with the professional powers-that-be, and practical, logistical tips for making a program that works for them. It’s a goal-oriented book. With Americans working harder and longer today than they did 20 years ago, many readers may appreciate this scheduling guide, which is as much pro-business as it is pro-personal life.”
–Publishers Weekly

"Work+Life offers practical instructions for finding work/life balance, putting together a proposal and convincing your manager that it would be in the organization’s best interest to allow you flexibility in working hours and location.”
–Philadelphia Inquirer

"A practical step-by-step volume that lays the groundwork for change, anticipates problems, then takes readers through implementation.”
–Minneapolis Star Tribune

“… Convinced there was a better way, Yost opened her own consulting business with the revolutionary premise that the best solutions come from the employees, not the employer. ‘People think that they either have to stay with things exactly the way they are or quit,’ she says ‘but there are countless options between those two extremes.’ As for selling the boss on one of them, Yost says you’d be surprised. ‘Nine out of ten times, even in the most restrictive work environments, managers will work it out,’ she says, ‘They don’t want to lose good people. It’s their worst nightmare.”
–Newark Star-Ledger