Our Capabilities

We engage your workforce at all levels to create a high performance flexible work culture that attracts and retains top talent, increases productivity and improves work+life "fit".

Our innovative, thought leadership is based on more than twenty years of experience helping hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals make real and measurable change happen.

Our business expertise and research rigor achieves results, efficiently and effectively, because:

  • We know the right questions to ask.
  • We recognize that success requires a partnership of mutual accountability between individual employees, teams, managers and HR.
  • We understand what it takes to integrate strategic work flexibility into the day-to-day operating model and culture, and
  • We have the practical skills and tools to leverage flexible ways of working and to make what matters happen, on and off the job.   

Our Capabilities

Our experienced team can guide you through all stages of the strategy development and implementation process.  

Current State Diagnostic--understanding where you are today

Before you begin to make change happen, it helps to understand where you are.  

Guided by experience and a mix of qualitative/quantitative research methods, we assess the current state of existing, and often siloed, initiatives, practices, policies and investments related to talent, engagement, productivity, flexible work, technology and agile workspaces.  

We then help you pull these efforts together into one, cohesive strategy that lays the foundation of a high performance flexible work culture.   

From a high level snapshot to a broader, more in-depth analysis, we scope the diagnostic process to achieve the unique objectives and match the resource availability of each client. 

Shared Vision Creation--envisioning where you want to go

As we clarify the current state, we also help you articulate a clear picture of the future--how will the business achieve its goals, managers lead, teams coordinate, employees take control of their work+life fit, and HR reinforce the culture?    

Depending upon project objectives and scope, we use proven, research-based innovation and change management techniques to cascade that vision of success throughout the organization to increase ownership, buy-in and understanding.  

"From-To" Strategy Development and Change Management

Based on where you are today and what you want to achieve, we help you map out and implement a customized action plan that moves the organization from the current state closer to the future vision of high performance and work+life fit. 

Every plan is tailored to the specific goals of each client and may include:

  • Work practice innovation
  • Global adaptation and coordination
  • Pilot planning and facilitation
  • Leadership development
  • Metric development and analysis
  • Policy and process alignment
  • Task force development and facilitation
  • Readiness assessment
  • Technology and agile workspace alignment
  • Stakeholder analysis and management
  • Communication plan development

Training and Development

Our simple, yet powerful, framework provides a structure of shared accountability that replaces the clocks and walls that used to tell us how, when and where to do our jobs and manage our lives.

The framework engages employees, teams and managers in a cadence of planning, recalibration and coordination that gives:

  • Individuals the confidence to take control of the way their work and life fit together, day-to-day and at major life transitions, and to use work flexibility, technology and agile workspaces to be their best, on and off the job. 
  • Teams the confidence to communicate and coordinate their individual flexibility goals to ensure the work gets done, efficiently and effectively.
  • Managers the confidence to lead a team of flexible, engaged, and productive employees who will get the job done well, and 
  • HR the confidence that they don't have to "own" flexibility but can provide the support and resources to reinforce the culture.  

Original Research 

Since 2006, we have partnered with ORC International every two years to survey a national probability sample of full time U.S. workers to understand how they are experiencing work life flexibility day-to-day. Our focus each cycle depends upon prevailing economic, workplace, and political issues, and our results have consistently challenged conventional wisdom about how, when and when work is done and life is managed. Click here for findings from our research.  

Strategic Partnering

Our team of experienced strategists knows how to partner with leading service providers in industries as diverse as technology, wellness, real estate and financial services to leverage our respective capabilities to deliver a co-branded solution of enhanced value to our customers.  

For additional information, contact us at info@flexstrategygroup.com.    

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