Our History

Why the Flex+Strategy Group AND Work+Life Fit, Inc.?  Because...

A flexible work strategy can't succeed if people don't know how to reach out, grab the telework, flexible hours, compressed workweek and reduced schedule offered and use it to manage their unique work+life fit, every day and throughout their career. 

People can't manage their work+life fit, day-to-day and at major life transitions, if they don't have flexibility in how, when and/or where they do their job.  

For almost two decades, Cali Williams Yost and the Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit, Inc. have answered the questions and created the cutting edge solutions at the intersection of strategic work flexibility for business and work+life fit for people.  

Using its innovative employee-employer partnership model to change cultures, FSG/WLF has created award-winning work flexibility strategies that benefit both organizations and their people. Clients include BDO USA, Novo Nordisk, EMC, the United Nations and Ernst & Young.

The Flex+Strategy Group focuses on the employer side of the flexible work equation. The FSG consulting team draws upon their decades of real-world experience with flexible hours, telework, work redesign, human resources, change management, innovation, leadership development, training, and communications to create a comprehensive plan that’s tailored to the unique goals of your business.

Work+Life Fit, Inc. gives people the skills and tools they need to partner with their employer for flexible work success. WLF helps all individuals, regardless of level or industry, capture the work flexibility they need to manage their unique work+life “fit” every day and at major life transitions, such as parenthood, eldercare and pre-retirement.

FSG/WLF also shares its cutting-edge insights on strategic work flexibility and individual work+life “fit” through the books and keynote speeches of our CEO, Cali Williams Yost, as well as, in facilitated live training, webinars and e-learnings as part of our Flex Success Boot Camp for Individuals and Leaders.  Flex+Strategy/Work+Life Fit certification is also available for corporate trainers and coaches.