Engaging”  “Relevant”  “Motivating”  “Immediately Actionable” 

These are the words audiences consistently use to describe the keynote speeches and interactive seminars conducted by CEO and founder, Cali Williams Yost and the FSG/WLF team.

  • C-Suite leaders how to unleash the broad strategic power of work flexibility.
  • Human Resources how to co-own and create a culture of work flexibility.
  • Managers how to implement and use work flexibility to solve problems and grab opportunities.
  • Teams how to collaborate, communicate and coordinate with each other for flexible work success.
  • Individuals how to capture work flexibility and use it to manage their unique work+life fit, day-to-day and at major life transitions. 

We answer the questions at the intersection of strategic work flexibility for business and work+life fit for people. For example

  • Strategic work flexibility: How can it help me run my business and manage my people better and smarter?
  • Culture of work flexibility: How to make it more than a “feel good” program?
  • Preparing people for flex success: How do people partner with the business?
  • Manager skills and tools: What do they need to make work flexibility succeed on the front lines?
  • Work+life “fit,” not balance: Why does language matter?
  • Work flexibility is an "everyone" issue: Why must we stop making it women’s issue?

2013 Working Mother Congress Keynote--Time for the Work Life Revolution to Begin

The Work Revolution Summit

Space Telescope Science Institute--How to Be Your Best Every Day, On and Off the Job

Stanford University--Be Your Best, On and Off the Job

APA Work and Well-Being Conference: Create the Culture and Provide the Tools for Employee Work Life Success

Society for Human Resource Management / Families and Work Institute -- Prescriptions for the Top Workflex Headaches

Consulting Magazine Best Practices Webinar--Road Warriors: Solving the Work Life Balance Crisis

2013 SXSW Interactive "Your Desk Job Makes You Sick, Fat and Dead"

WNYC's New Tech City in The Greene Space "How Tech is Changing the Way Women Work"

2013 Invent Your Future Silicon Valley Conference "Moving Beyond the Myth of Work-Life Balance" 

APA's Work & Well-Being 2013: Chicago "Work-Life Fit Skills for Employee Success On and Off the Job"

2013 CHPA Regulatory, Scientific & Quality Conference "Unlock the Power of Work+LIfe 'Fit' Success"

The Conference Board's Women's Leadership Conference "Moving Beyond the Myth of Work-Life Balance" 


We tailor our presentation to meet your unique goals and needs.  

For more information, please contact Linda Cannilla, at linda@flexstrategygroup.com.   


Highlights of praise from past audiences (for more, see Client Success):   

"Cali is so approachable and engaging…both employees and employers felt empowered by her presentation…"

"Everyone walked away with something they could start with, which is very difficult to achieve…"

"Cali’s presentation was incredibly well received. The audience was unbelievably engaged, asked many questions and stayed to talk to Cali after the presentation…"

"Every single one of the attendees filled out an evaluation form — which is unusual — and all had glowing comments concerning how relevant and motivating it was…"

"You could see that participants were highly engaged, and excited to take what they learned and apply it to their organizations…"

The feedback on Cali’s panel was possibly the best I have ever received…