Keynote Presenter--Cali Williams Yost

Few have witnessed the transformation of work and life more closely, or as deeply, as Cali Williams Yost, CEO and founder of the Flex+Strategy Group/Work+Life Fit, Inc. 

For two decades, Yost has helped hundreds of organizations integrate work flexibility into their cultures and business models. And she has given thousands of individuals the skills and tools to use that flexibility to take control of their unique work+life "fit" and find success, on and off the job. 

As a workplace strategist, researcher, speaker and author, Cali Yost knows what it takes to make real, meaningful change happen from the highest strategic level, down to the everyday work, personal, and career "to dos" we all have to manage.  

Watch Cali Williams Yost present, "Capturing Work+Life Well Being in a High Performance Era," at Workforce Live 2014 in New York City.      

Capturing Work+Life Well-Being in a High Performance Era from Cali Yost on Vimeo.

C-Suite leaders, middle managers, and exempt/non-exempt employees from the private and public sectors, consistently rate Cali Williams Yost's keynote presentations "motivating," "high-impact," and "practical":

"Cali Williams Yost was the perfect keynote speaker to launch our Spring Leadership Conference. As resources continue to tighten, our leaders must focus on those things that provide the highest impact for our clients and customers, as well as our staff...It was more than the content, however, that made Cali’s presentation a hit with our leaders. She is an engaging storyteller, connecting with her audience through examples that apply directly to their work and personal lives. Her perfect blend of research-based concepts and real-world scenarios provided a solid foundation on which to build the skills that will help our leaders to be successful in meeting the challenges ahead...Every organization has critical moments in its history which serve as evolutionary leaps that move it forward. Cali’s keynote presentation will be remembered as one of those moments in Berkshire’s future."

Timothy Giacchetta, President & CEO, Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth

"As our featured speaker at our 2014 Ozone Forecast Season Kick-off Luncheon, Cali appeared virtually via Citrix's GoToMeeting and connected with our guests as though she were there in person.  Our objective in asking Cali to speak was to get our guests thinking about the small changes they could make in their lives to achieve work+life fit, and she did just that.  By sharing the results of her latest study that reveals major myths in the telework debate, particularly as they pertain to open offices, Cali set the stage for her strategies for tweaking the way we live and work.”

Elaine Loyack, Program Coordinator
Triangle Air Awareness, a public/private partnership between
 NC DENR Division of Air Quality and Research Triangle Regional Partnership

Book Cali Williams Yost: Contact Linda Cannilla at linda@flexstrategygroup.com or 1-800-277-3549.