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Literally every phase of the Flex+Strategy Group’s engagement was a revelation.  From the data assessment process to the leadership readiness process to the partner readiness process, it all rolled up into a very powerful strategy for both individuals and our organization as a whole." — Barbara Taylor, former General Counsel, BDO USA

How do you develop and implement a more coordinated, strategic approach to work flexibility?

Partner with a team of experts that understands how to:

  • Build the employer-employee partnership required for success.
  • Create a culture of strategic work flexibility tailored to your business.
  • Get line manager buy-in while giving them skills and tools to lead a flexible workplace.
  • Help Human Resources co-own the success of work flexibility with key stakeholders, including managers and employees.
  • Prepare individuals to capture and use the flexibility that makes sense for their jobs to manage their work+life fit, every day and at major life transitions.  

The level at which FSG/WLF engages with your organization to review and develop a strategic approach to work flexibility will depend upon:

  • Project goals
  • Organizational readiness and
  • Resource availability (e.g. time, people and budget).  

Potential engagements, by level, may include:

Level 1: Review and Revise

We will help your team, and other key stakeholders, clarify what they want flexibility (day-to-day and/or formal) to achieve for the business, managers and employees.  

Level 2: Connect the Dots

In addition to the steps in Level 1, we will review relevant policy/procedures/supports and recommend next steps to ensure the flexible workplace strategic alignment across the organization.

Level 3: Culture Change

To integrate day-to-day and/or formal work flexibility deeper into the culture and operating model, we work with you to determine the current state of flexibility in your business, develop a vision of future success, then create a "from-to" strategy that makes the change happen as effectively and efficiently as possible.  

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