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Literally every phase of the Flex+Strategy Group’s engagement was a revelation.  From the data assessment process to the leadership readiness process to the partner readiness process, it all rolled up into a very powerful strategy for both individuals and our organization as a whole." — Barbara Taylor, General Counsel, BDO USA

How do you develop a strategy where work flexibility is part of the cultural DNA and a powerful tool used to run the business and manage people?

Partner with a team of experts who understand how to:

  • Build the employer-employee partnership required for flexible work success.
  • Create a culture of strategic flexible work in action tailored to your business.
  • Get line manager buy-in to and support for work flexibility.
  • Help Human Resources to co-own and implement a flexible work strategy.
  • Prepare people to capture and use flexible work to manage their work+life fit, every day and throughout their careers.
  • Bring together telework, flexible hours, compressed workweeks and reduced schedules into one coordinated strategy.  

We meet your organization where it is on the work flexibility innovation curve. We create a change momentum that isn't overwhelming, but still moves your business and people forward.

Our time-tested, research-based change management and work innovation process develops award-winning solutions by helping you to:

  • Discover the current state of flexible work in your business.
  • Create a shared vision of what flexibility will look like in action in your business.
  • Develop a tailored strategy that gets you from your current state to your vision of future flex success.
  • Build readiness across the organization to embrace strategic flexibility.
  • Conduct “how to” orientation/learning sessions across many platforms.
  • Evaluate and improve your flexibility strategy after initial implementation.

Our level of direct involvement will depend upon the internal resources available and the needs/goals of an organization at each stage of the process.

We also provide ongoing retainer-based strategy advice for teams leading internal work flexibility efforts.  

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